DR 16, TR4 or AM4?

Discussion in 'Technical Corner' started by Eric Stoltz, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Apr 27, 2017
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    Any Davinci Resolve (studio) 16 users?

    I'm trying to build an enthusiast level gizmo for funzies at 4k. Wondering what the PoA community can help me figger out a platform that isn't workstation quality, but bumps gently against that level (speed and stability) on the consumer level. Not looking for Pugetsound level, do want, however.

    So far, I'm guessing TR4 1920x (X399), or equivalent AM4 gen 3 (X570), with a chipset setup for PCIe 4.0, and a 2060 Super or Radeon VII. Not planning on OCing, but do wish to keep it scaleable for a few years.

    Currently using an overburdened Macbook Pro for 1080 since nothing I do for funzies is higher res with DR15. So, I do know that anything gamerish I buy prebuilt at the Megaboxwearhouse will smoke what I'm using. But where is the fun if I don't build it? Also, I bet I dualboot it with win10 and CentOS because why not?

    Opinions encouraged.