DA-40NG Forced Landing Asheville N. Carolina


Final Approach
Mar 4, 2020
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Dale Andee
Ugly ...

Great work by those onboard!
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Looks like a good outcome, I believe there are no injuries despite hitting power lines and a tractor trailer.

Yeah, we played back the LiveATC on this soon after it happened. The guy seemed pretty calm and with it. Surprising that there's that much in a DA40 to burn like that.
I also was surprised at the amount of fire. This may be the first survivable DA40 accident that had a post-crash fire. The pilot stated he had about 30 gallons of fuel (Jet A) on board. I found this report which has a lot of good information regarding the flammability of Jet A in aircraft fuel tanks:

He may have struck some electrical lines during the crash, which could have provided an ignition source...
Reportedly lost oil pressure, had smoke in the cockpit, and dual ECU failures. With what is (isn't) left of the plane they may never know what was the cause ...