For Sale: Aircraft Cirrus Club/Partnership San Antonio Tx KPEZ

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    I put this up in the classified section before I realized there was a sub thread for clubs and partnerships. I could not figure out how to move the other thread so I am now posting it here.

    I am in the initial stages of putting together a small club just south of San Antonio at KPEZ. I am still working on the details on the club structure but I am currently collecting names if anyone is interested. The plan is to purchase a SR22. Most likely a G2 or G3. The club would have a maximum of 8-10 members. It could be less if the members were willing to pay a larger amount up front. Things are flexible at the moment since nothing is set in stone yet. Message me if you would like to be on the interest list. Once all the details are worked out and I have the legal end of things firmed up we will have an interest meeting and officially open the membership up.
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