Cessna "quality" grounds new 172's and 182's

Discussion in 'Flight Following' started by gismo, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Feb 28, 2005
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    According to an emergency AD Cessna's quality controls are a bit loose:

    - Two airplanes with ailerons not engaging the upper stops and one with a flap push/pull rod
    missing the nut on the bolt.
    - Elevator cables chafing fuel lines near the fuel selector, which caused damage to the fuel lines.
    - Elevator trim cables routed outside the cotter pins in the horizontal stabilizer.
    - Elevator trim cables crossed twice (trim functioned correctly in flight).
    - Control cables rubbing structures such as bulkheads and center consoles.
    - Aileron bell crank adjustment screw interference with stringer.
    - Barrels on control cables not safety pinned or incorrectly pinned.
    - Control cables routed outside of pulleys.
    - A bent flap bell crank.

    I could see mistakes like this happening, but I'm surprised that inspection processes didn't catch all of it. I wonder how much stuff is caught by inspection on the assembly lines?