Can I elect not to wear my contacts?

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    My situation is quite unique--I have an irregular astigmatism that makes it difficult to correct my vision to 20/20 without having to wear rigid contacts. Without my contacts, my vision is 20/25, both eyes. I didn't even notice I had an astigmatism until I visited an Optometrist for the first time in years.

    If I hold a 1st class medical that requires contact lenses, can I elect NOT to wear them when I am conducting 3rd class activities? 3rd class only requires 20/40 distant vision. My vision is quite good without correction, and rigid contacts can be quite painful for extended periods of wear. I would rather not wear them if am I just flying around for fun.

    I've flown for hundreds of hours without any correction and I don't feel that I am any less safe when I don't wear my contacts.
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    Nope. There is no certificate that allows one set of conditions for first class operations and another for third.
    Just doesn't exist.
    Or give up the First and get an unrestricted third. But you can't have both.
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    Looks like I answered my own question from the FAA website:

    I will go the BasicMed route.