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    Hey guys. In quest to have all A20's I am selling off two of my Bose X's. They are used and have been worn quite a bit. Functionally they work great. Nothing on them is broken. You can just tell they have been used. These have been backseat headsets for the last year or so and when they got demoted to backseat headsets they got new ear covers, So those are nice. They are not left inside the airplane. They go home and stay air conditioned (they don't sit in an oven airplane on 110 degree days). I don't have a particular set I like more than another set and I have 4 of them sitting here.. So when someone buys a pair, I will pick a bag, pull the rechargable batteries out, and send.

    GA Two-plug

    Comes with the Original Bose carry bag too

    If someone wants the box too, I think I have one or two sitting around still to, just ask and I'll look

    Anyway shoot me a message

    I will send one to a POA guy for $495 plus $15 to pack and ship them correctly.
    Want both? $1000 even, shipped

    Also, I am open to offers on my UFlyMike for the QC15... I know those are becoming popular and mine rarely gets used
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    Did you ever sell these?