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    Oct 5, 2015
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    Aircraft Accessories
    $20 off all Comant Antennas and $15 off all RAMI Antennas. Shop now:

    All Icom handhelds on sale (A14, A24, A25C, A25N). Shop now:

    Aircraft Oil
    All Aeroshell and Phillips 66 oil on sale. Shop now:

    Oil Filters
    All Champion Oil filters on sale. Shop now:

    Oil Additives
    Camguard 4 pint cases only $87. Shop now:


    Free iCloth Avionics Wipes
    Free sample pack of iCloth wipes. Shop now:

    Audio Panels
    All Avidyne and PS Engineering audio panels on sale
    Bonus trade-in credit on PMA450A trade-up program.
    Shop now:

    ADS-B Receivers
    Avidyne Skytrax100 on sale. Only 2@ $1595. Shop now:


    Mid-Continent MD200-706 (GI-106B) CDI on sale for $1975. Shop now:

    Mid-Continent MD93 on sale for $480. Shop now:

    Garmin G5 EFIS & G5 EFIS HSI on sale.
    Sandia SAI340 Quattro on sale for $2865
    Shop now:*

    Engine Monitors
    JPI 730, 830, 900, 930 Engine Monitors on sale with $100 instant rebate. Additional factory rebate included!
    Shop now:

    ACK 406 ELT, ACK A30.9 encoder, Artex ELT345 & ELT1000 on sale.
    Shop now:*

    All Avidyne IFDs on sale
    Additional trade-in bonus credit on our IFD trade-up program.
    Shop now:


    Garmin GTX335 W/GPS on sale.
    Appareo Stratus ES on sale.
    Avidyne AXP340 & AXP322 on sale.
    Shop now:

    USB Charging
    True Blue power TA102, TA202 (unlit), TA202 (lighted) USB charging ports on sale.
    Shop Now:

    Used Avionics
    Garmin 530W, 430W, GMA340, GI-106A, GTX330ES on sale.
    PS Engineering PMA8000BT on sale.
    Avidyne TAS620 21nm active traffic system on sale.
    Aspen Avionics ATX100G ADS-B transceiver on sale.
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    Thank you again to all of our wonderful customers who have supported us this past year!