Best Flight Schools in USA for international students

Discussion in 'Pilot Training' started by shak, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Dec 4, 2017
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    Could anyone shed light on which flight schools in US are the good for international students on F1 visa? By "good" I mean the schools that:
    1) allow students to work as a flight instructor on their OPT period upon graduation.
    2) Have a good student - instructor ratio and "down to earth attitude" rather than being commercial money looting factories.
    3) Have a pay as you go system rather than requiring whole payment upfront.

    Few schools that offer F1 visa to international students are:

    1) FlightSafety Academy - good reputation and curriculum but expensive.
    2) Phoenix East Aviation - really confused about this one - been hearing lot of negative reviews.
    3) Aviator College - not sure whether it has pay as you go facility.
    4) Hillsboro Aero Academy

    If anyone could help evaluate my options or suggest some good schools, it would be really helpful. Thank you!
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    By definition, all Part 141 F1-sponsor schools are commercial money looting factories.

    Just saying this - avoid Phoenix East like you avoid brain cancer.