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Dec 29, 2018
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Motor 6
I just upgraded my panel so I have the following items available. Everything was working when removed. Make me a reasonable offer. I can take Venmo or PayPal.

Electronics International

King KI-208 VOR/LOC Converter/Indicator

King KI-209 VOR/LOC Converter & Glide Slope Indicator

Mitchell 200-6 Directional Gyro

A.I.D/R.C. Allen Turn Coordinator Part #661003-0506

Sigtronics Intercom SPA-400 TSO

United Instruments Airspeed Indicator Mfg Part #SA-46-1RB

Airborne Mfg Co Vacuum Gage Model 1G3-4

Alcor EGT Indicator

Karnish Instruments,Inc Rate of Climb Indicator Mfg. Part #AC-135-3

United Instruments Manifold Pressure Part #6111

Altimeter Part #671-BK-010

2 KX-155 Nav/Coms 1 with GS one without

King KN 64 DME

BF Goodrich Aerospace Tachometer Model #3310-00001

UAvionics SkyBeacon-SOLD

Left and right side plastic panels in great shape. (PA-32-260)

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Sorry, that would have been good to include in the original post. I fly out of KHEF, Manassas, Va.

could do a meet up at MTV and talk about one of the KX155's......my radio works 100% but the display is cr@pping out at random times.
I’m off tomorrow. I’ll message you my number.
the rest of this week is bad for me, on call for work. after that I'm open though.
Sent you a message. I’m sure we can work something out. Text me and I’ll send you some pics of them.
Don’t you wish you could snap your fingers with some money and your panel changed from the top to the bottom?
The Skybeacon has been sold.
Thank you Motor6. You're a class act and it was a pleasure to speak with you. Five star seller rating if there was one here, and best of luck with the rest of your for-sale items.
I have a King KMA-24 audio panel I forgot to list as well.
I have not posted these for sale anywhere else. I was just told someone posted them to FaceBook under another name. Anywhere other than here is a scam.
Hi Motor6,

That is a nice new panel.

Can you share the shop you used? I'm at KJYO/KHEF and am looking for a good local shop.

Where are you at on the KX-155s? Considering are placement for my old ARCs. Thanks! email: bobw@2ntx.us
I sent you an email. I think it’s fair, but I’ll entertain an offer.