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    I'm sitting in my home office this afternoon and an airplane made a low pass down the runway outside my window. This isn't an unusual occurrence, most of my neighbors and friends have do this, but this time it was a C-17!
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    30 some years ago, my sons were at University of Maryland for a football game.

    That same weekend was the annual open house and party at College Park Airport. The manager tried hard to get the Base Commander of Joint base Andrews to fly a military plane in for static display. No Way.

    We did have an airshow, and a lot of GA aircraft of many vintages that flew in, and the day was under way in good shape.

    At the football game, my sons noticed a Hercules flying toward the stadium from the NW, flaps fully extended, and as it neared, the landing gear deployed. They looked at each other, and said "That thing cannot land at CGS!"

    With the pitch fine, and revs up, plus all the hardware hanging out, there was plenty of noise, and everybody in the stadium stood up to see where it would crash, as most of them were unaware of CGS less than a mile away. They continued the approach until they were at less than 50 feet, advanced the throttles to max, and did a very loud Go Around. They called on the Unicom, advising that the runway looked too short, and returned to base.

    The Maryland Air National Guard had come through when the Air Force failed.

    Back at the stadium, the fans were watching for the expected cloud of smoke from a crash, and instead, the Hercules rose back high enough they could see it, and flew away.

    And certain neighbors of the airport filled a bunch of complaints about the noise and unsafe low flight of that plane.

    Did your neighbors complain about the C 17?
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    I know a couple that just moved into lake Norman so I may be doing a few low passes there myself. Prepare yourselves…..