Airparks and building hangars


Feb 7, 2020
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Looking for recommendations on airparks.

Also I’ve seen some homes at airparks without hangars, any idea on costs to build a hangar? Approx 50’ X 60’

Would most airparks allow you to park your airplane on your backyard until you build a hangar?
Check the bylaws of the airpark. Most will have a restriction on owner’s un hangered planes. Don’t want it to look like most airports with dead planes littering the ramps.
3000 sqft $200-300k depending on site work and amenities.
+ 1 on "Depends." Where is the property located? You'll also have to review the HOA convenants & restrictions. Happy to help if needed.
Does code require sprinklers? Is it separate from the house?

grass or paved to the airfield/runway?

flat where you plan to put the hangar? Site work can be huge money

+1 on depends as well, I've lived at/been involved with 3 airparks 0TX1, 1N1, and currently at WI69. Really depends on the bylaws on keeping the plane outside, but as a general rule this is discouraged. As for hangar construction the two main factors are site work as has been said, and building regulations for the location. Take 0TX1 and GDJ (Pecan Plantation and Granbury TX) 50 x 50 hangar at 0TX1 +- $250K same hangar with same amount of work $425K at GDJ, the extra $$ was for permits and engineered drawings and inspections that were required by the city, where as outside the city limits they are not needed.

As I see you are in Chicago, if you ever want to take a look at our little airpark up here just to get an idea feel free to PM me, we are 3NM NE of 57C (East Troy WI)
I’ve been keeping an eye on airparks now and then, wanted to get one here a couple years ago but I didn’t. Have seen some airpark homes for sale, sometimes with a hangar and sometimes without. So wondering what the difference in price should be, and what it would cost to build a 40x60 or larger hangar. Sounds like should only buy a home on an airpark if it has a hangar.
Kinda like buying a plane with a runout engine. Factor in the cost and time into the final price.