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    Posting anonymously for obvious reasons.

    The incidents that sent up the HIMS flags for the FAA were from 2003 and 2008. Back in 2004, I applied for 1 medical, which was soon after revoked for the 1st DUI (I didn't hardly get to even use it). Since then, I've applied for 1 medical in 2015, which I walked away from at the request of court records, 1 medical in March 2020, which started this whole journey and I've complied every step of the way. My most recent medical application (because the one from March 2020 had expired for application purposes) was in August 2022. It took until early this month (April 2023) to receive any correspondance from the FAA on this most recent application. I've been with a HIMS AME from December 24th, 2021.

    They requested a report from my aftercare/dependence counselor, which I had not obtained because my medical provider's addiction medicine program would not take me. I later learned it is because my provider is an integrated health care system and their insurance would not cover "administrative care".

    I ended up finding an aftercare counselor who would take me. After 4 sessions, he has determined that with 28 months of sustained sobriety (27 of which are documented with "14 in 12 10-panel with EtG tests" beginning February 9th, 2021) and no further symptoms, that I am in sustained remission. He stated to me that he is ready to "cut me loose" and write his report, stating that due to my sustained total abstinence for over 2 years with no further symptoms, that I am not dependent on alcohol, I am in "sustained remission", that my recovery plan is sufficient, and that the counseling is not necessary at this time. At this stage of the game, he doesn't feel that repeated counseling and me having to continue revisiting things in my past that have clearly already been dealt with is going to have any benefit whatsoever.

    Since he is a certified substance abuse counselor, all of this coming from his official report, would this satisfy the FAA medical powers that be?
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    I think that’s a question for your HIMS AME.
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    What TCABM said. Also, satisfying the FAA is "any benefit."
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    Unlikely. Faa doesn’t care what REAL professionals say, only the ones that are on the HIMS gravy train… If these folks are also that, then maybe.

    You’re use of the phrase “administrative care” shows that someone in your past seems to understand the process.
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    most of the time the HIMS FAA requirements are of a weekly facilitated group meeting. Facilitated mean a lead by a licensed mental or substance-abuse counselor. This is not an AA meeting. Sometimes it’s called relapse prevention meetings.
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    The FAA has a process you had to follow. Good luck.
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    Bruce C
    Hoo Boy. Group CADC-led weekly group aftercare is a REQUIREMENT. You either fill the agency's squares or you fail. Back in 21 you should have been doing that. At least establish that you are in continued weekly care, even if, Heaven forbid, you have to pay for it.

    Remember it's their game, ballpark and umpire.
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