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    Interested in aerobatics and looking for places which might be potential locations to practice your IAC routine?

    I wrote this app last year to simplify the process of finding potential practice boxes and it worked pretty well. This year, I've updated it with support for more devices (iPad Pro, etc.) and additional sharing features. For example, if you have a box that you like, you can instantly share it with someone else via AirDrop - no WiFi setup, no email, no texts - just share it and it opens in AcroBox on their phone or iPad.

    As before, it still allows you to examine a location against both VFR and IFR charts to ensure separation from airways, special use airspace, etc. and it now also has street maps available in case it's helpful to provide an approximate address for someone judging from the ground.

    A couple of quick screen shots showing the box used at Newton, KS last year for the Aces High contest put on by IAC Chapter 119. The aerial view shows the box, the boundaries, and the judges area, while the IFR low chart shows conflicting airways (requiring a waiver, which they had).

    [​IMG]... [​IMG]... [​IMG]

    As always, the app is completely free (no ads, no unlock fees, etc.) - aviation is expensive enough as it is.
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    Thank you for developing it! Have used it on many occasions. Sometimes it's just fun to play around on map to see which landmarks could form the box area.
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