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    About a month ago I woke up around 1:30 AM with significant pain in my lower abdomen. The pain was enough to wake me up, and also enough that I couldn't get back to sleep. I didn't take any medication (not even Tylenol or Advil). Although the pain seemed to go from my lower abdomen back to my butt, after poking around I was getting noticeable pain from my right testicle.

    A few hours later the pain subsided enough to sleep, but was still present to some degree when I woke up. So, off to the doctor.

    Doctor did an exam, said nothing seemed wrong, and referred me to get an ultrasound to confirm it wasn't testicular torsion, cancer, etc. Good idea, so off I went to the ultrasound. The ultrasound said everything looked fine, but they diagnosed me with varicoces - enlarged veins in the scrotum, which are typically benign. They also referred me to a urologist (the same practice where I had my vasectomy done 2 years ago, although a different doctor as the doc had retired) for a follow-up.

    A couple weeks later I went in to the urologist for my follow-up, where he did an exam and said that the varicoces diagnosis was false - apparently ultrasounds aren't a good way of diagnosing. He found nothing wrong and said not to worry about it unless the pain came back. He said it was possible that there was a kidney stone of some sort, although that seemed unlikely to him (I have no history or family history) and more likely was I got a pulled/strained muscle that was connected to the epididymus.

    No symptoms since.

    Here's my concern: When I go back to the AME to renew my medical, is this going to create some special issuance nightmare where OKC won't be happy until they find something wrong with me? Or can I report it as a no problems found, no symptoms since, and be done with it?
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    My guess is to go get all of the notes and reports from the various doctors you visited, and especially the doctor(s) that said the major problem one of the doctors found doesn't exist. Get that doctor(s) to write a summary letter saying that s/he examined you, determined that all is well and you are not being followed for ____ or ____ or other major issues.

    You have to report the doctor visits, but sending in the submission without adequately explaining just causes OKC to push the panic button and ask for the real documentation and new documentation for items that might be viewed as a witch hunt.

    Sending things in that explain in plain english why you sought medical attention and what the medical attention concluded, and that the conclusion is all has returned to normal will make sure they keep their hand away from the red button and send you something that says, "Bless you my son and sin no more".

    Even if the AME says you don't need it, get it anyway. We have several stories of the AME saying "not needed" and then OKC saying, we need it and more.
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