A&P with Lycoming TIO540-AJ1A experience needed in DFW

Discussion in 'Maintenance Bay' started by Alexb2000, Dec 29, 2014.

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    I have another thread going about my ongoing challenges getting my T206H put back together. I won't double post all of the details, but I am thinking I would like to have an A&P supervise the reassembly of my top end.

    I don't need anyone to turn a single wrench, sign off on anything, get their hands dirty, or take any responsibility for the repairs. I want to have the dealer that is doing the repairs finish it up, but given the track record I don't want to chance any more screw-ups on reassembly. The best way I can think of to insure that is to have my own independant inspector stand there, watch everything, and make sure the job is done right. The bottom line is my family and I are the ones that would likely pay the price and we are not feeling very confident at this point so I want to bring in another set of eyes.

    Obviously, I would like to find someone that knows the engine in question. I will pay for them to fly in, airline travel, drive, whatever, for what is scheduled as a one day job. I am aware that this is a PITA, so I will pay a VERY good rate.

    So if you have the knowledge or know someone that does please contact me. This is not a situation with any animosity, disagreements, or bad blood, it is just a series of unfortunate events that have had this aircraft AOG since Oct. I expect that this will happen some time next week. Airport is KADS, Addison Tx near DFW.