A few flying videos from coronavirus-locked-down UK :)

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    Sep 24, 2007
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    Landing away has been practically impossible for nearly 6 months. So we are popping up for local flights, although per aviation tradition many pilots have bought into the FUD that flying is prohibited (it isn't).

    A flight over a snowy landscape

    A flight down to one of the Channel islands - Alderney - without landing

    This was my last land-away, Oct 2020, to Aosta in Italy which is in a canyon in the Alps. Quite a long video, edited to include nearly all ATC activity, and some nice footage of the Alps, with the Matterhorn and Mt Blanc. I landed back in the UK just hours after the quarantine came in so had to sit at home for 2 weeks. I can tell you that actually being "locked" in the house for 2 weeks is pretty unpleasant.