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Dec 21, 2016
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As most of you know, we had an off field landing in our Mooney last year.

I acquired the salvage and have many parts available. I've begun the disassembly, and will be posting images of things that are available, but if you have need for a specific part, please reach out even if there is no picture for it. Initially, I will be asking for offers, but as time permits I will eventually put prices and better information on things. Any reasonable offers will be accepted. This is a bit of an "eating an elephant" situation, so I ask for patience and can't guarantee quick turnover, but if you need quick response I will try and prioritize your request.

None of the listed parts has damage from the accident. All were 100% operational on last flight, but have not been tested since. Sales are "as is".

More information or better pictures can be accommodated upon request. Over time, this thread will be updated with more items and sold items will be removed.


Mooney ASI

Mooney VSI

Mid Continent Altimeter

EGT Gauge
Gauge only, no probe

Electric Powered Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum System Parts

Mooney / Grimes Beacon
Worked when removed, but sounds like a coffee grinder.

14VDC to 26VAC Transformer

Voltage Regulator
For 50 Amp Generator

Suction Gauge

Nav Lights

Battery Box
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Electrical Rack Shelves

Lower Cowl Induction System / Intake Filter
No damage

Coat Hangar

Rear Seat Flashing

Overhead Control Placards & Knobs

Control Rods Yaw & Pitch

Flight Enhancements Electric Step Actuator

Wing Root Fairing Right - PN 120001 - 6

Retractable Step

Aft Wing Fairing Right - PN 120000-10

Lower Cowl
No damage

Right Elevator
No damage, but some minor trailing edge imperfections

Dent in top, but still seals perfectly

Upper Cowl

Tail Cone Access Panel - PN 913014-501

Misc. Access Panels

Avionics Access Panels
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Cowl Cheeks

Airtex Carpeting

Plastic Interior Pieces
Some pieces have minor cracking, many are perfect

Mooney MAP & Fuel Pressure Gauge

Control Tube Ball and Socket Mooney P/N 710001

TO / GA Momentary Button

Control Yoke Shaft, Mooney P/N 720005 Left & Right

Pilot Side Yoke
PTT button in left thumb

Copilot Side Yoke

Original Mooney Gold Console placarding

Rapco Brake Lining 3 pair RA66-111

O-ring AN6230B-6 X 3

Control Yoke Tapered Pin, Mooney P/N AN386-1-10A, 2 used, 1 new

Yolk Assembly, Mooney P/N 710006

Brake Resevoir, Mooney P/N 850006-501 & Parking Brake Valve Asbly, P/N 4200-A1

Jack Shaft Assembly, Mooney P/N 710007 & Tubes P/N 915001

Bellcrank Assembly, Mooney P/N 914016

Gear Down Switch
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Gear Down Lock Bracket, Mooney P/N 560046-501

Flap Handle, Mooney P/N 750006

Pilot side air vent eyeball, Mooney P/N #2120 & #1794

Radio Cooling Box, Mooney P/N 810036-1

Baggage Door

Main Gear Left & Right
There could be significant damage to some parts of this assembly due to the off field landing with gear down.

Mooney Brakes

Main Gear Wheel Assembly Left & Right
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damnit eman
Salty does the EGT gauge work? I’ll pay shipping for it. Less if it smells like oranges.
Plans for the wings or firewall?
Added Wing Leveler parts and MAP / Fuel pressure gauge
Hey, @Salty did you happen to salvage an old style vacuum driven attitude indicator?

Ours just went kaput in our '65 M20C. We're looking at possibly upgrading to GI-275's, but we're waiting to see if anything new comes out at Oshkosh.
Sorry, no ai.
How much for the step? With the electric extender? Do you deliver to Osh :) ?
$450 for both shipped to lower 48. Won’t be at osh this year :(
I'll be at Sun-n-Fun ;)