2W5 reopened, new Rwy 2/20 commissioned :-)

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    Yesterday, the new runway 2/20 at Maryland Airport (2W5) just south of DC opened. They have yet to install the lighting, so the runway is closed at night. The lighting guys are pulling wires as we speak, the owner anticipates that they will finish within the next two weeks.

    2W5 is a privately owned public use airport just outside of the FRZ. Standard SFRA procedures apply (arrival either on IFR or SFRA flight plan, requirement for online training for VFR operations). 100LL and JetA are available full-service only (today they were still cheaper than HEF and competitive with others like 2W6). FBO services and maintenance are available daytime hours. No real connection to public transit, I believe Enterprise from La Plata will drop a rental car if requested.

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    I may stop by.