2 x Rockwell 700 twin-pistons for $200k?


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Oct 5, 2023
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On Controller right now someone is selling an airworthy Rockwell 700 with mid-time engines and also giving away another complete frame with engines for $200k.
I know these are orphaned and parts are supposed to be rare. Does anyone know who specializes in their maintenance? Surely they're worth a stab at $150k? :)

Mind you, I do wonder what the single engine performance characteristics would be given such a large frame and underpowered engines .

Any other thoughts?
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...both of them...

The one that’s in annual was last seen on flightaware two years ago.
Surely they're worth a stab at $150k?
Do you have an A&P certificate? Have you ever owned an aircraft? Or been involved in the sale of any aircraft or parts?
What may seem to be to be a good deal often is not especially if you have answered "No" to the above questions.
I've had many aircraft projects over the years however the $150K point would be closer to a final sale price than an initial price point.
Yard art.??

I have always wanted to mount a C-150 on top of my flag pole...with working nav lights.
$50k for a flying 680 in AK.

If the four engines aren't damaged, it's hard to believe that you couldn't get $150k out of the two aircraft. Might be more work than it's worth, but I can't see how you could lose if you put some effort in.