2/15/1946 First flight of prototype XC-112A/DC-6

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    Today is the 76th anniversary of the first flight of the Douglas XC-112A. It was the prototype of what became the DC-6.

    Though it was originally an experimental prototype, the XC-112A was sold as surplus, and it flew in commercial service with several operators, until it was destroyed in a bizarre crash at Van Nuys, California, in 1976.

    Mrs. P and I lived in an apartment on Woodley Avenue, three blocks north of the crash site. We were on our way home from church that rainy Sunday morning when we saw the emergency lights just down the street at Woodley and Victory Boulevard.

    This article has the best description I've seen of the events leading up to the crash.

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    Van Johnston
    Wow. One of the survivors of the crash is the first commenter.