For Sale: Aircraft 1977 172N Tailwheel

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    I'm not in anyway associated with the sale of this aircraft but I have flown it a LOT. It's Bolen tailwheel conversion #7 and is has been very well maintained while I flew it extensively from 2016-2018. It really is one of my favorite planes out there, I think it flies great and is a fun taildragger to boot. If I didn't already own a 180, I would certainly own this airplane. I sure would like to see it get a good home. I've got about 60 hours in it, and another 20 hours in a (now crashed, but not by me) swept tail 172 texas taildragger and this one sure does fly/land better. Bolen sure got it right.!.html

    15875350_10211316762463136_4114914455554613901_o.jpg 17835044_10212147511591345_4117401473690123397_o.jpg 19238254_10212837860569638_5982478038482678790_o.jpg
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