172 down in vineyard


Line Up and Wait
Jan 15, 2009
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I spent many years flying out of STS Santa Rosa and often wondered of the survivability of landing in a vineyard. This guy pulled it off, but the bird is a little worse for wear.

Thought for sure it would flip over on impact because of the wires running down the rows. He landed with the rows and came out ok.
Pretty good job of maintaining the "center line" between rows, and definitely much better than going across the rows. Looks like it was pre-harvest too without much crop loss or vine damage.
When it comes to crop damage due to a forced landing, the grape vines in a vineyard have to be just about the most expensive to replace. Doesn't it take a grape vine several years to mature enough to produce grapes?
Does insurance pay for the crops and does the pilot get the grapes or wine? (With a taste profile of menthol and lead)
Not too chablis. I didn't see a riesling for the crash though... did he just get too merlot?
If the vineyard is machine maintained/harvested, there's probably enough room between the rows for the fuselage.