172 door compatibility across models

Discussion in 'Maintenance Bay' started by Pedals2Paddles, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    Looking at the parts manual, it appears the 172 D, E, & F use one style door and latching system. And then the G-M use another one. Is there any compatibility between them? Is the door the same and the only difference is the latching hardware? Or is the door and alignment all different too?

    Lets say you have a K model airframe. Could you take the doors off an F model and attach them to the K model without major reworking?? OR, could you remove the latching mechanism from an F door and put it into a K door?

    Finally, is the older D-K baggage door the same fit as the K-M baggage door. I can see the latch handle is different. But again, could you take the baggage door off an F and put it on a K?

    Thanks!!! :goofy: