1. ArrowFlyer86

    Lubricant for the yoke connection

    When I get my plane (PA28R) back from annual each year the shaft connecting the yoke is always well greased with virtually no friction giving the controls a nice, new frictionless feel. Now I'd kind of like do that maintenance myself periodically b/c after 150h it's not as nice... Curious is...
  2. Jake Simpson

    Piper yoke cover/wrap

    Has anyone here wrapped their yoke or purchased covers somewhere like the photo I included? Would love to do this to my Arrow. I'm just curious as to what's the most efficient/cheapest way to do this? Is there a good place to order covers for them from?
  3. iflyvfr

    For Sale Skyhawk Yoke

    This single yoke came with my plane when I bought it, but I have aftermarket yokes so no need for it. It's well used and I cannot attest to its airworthiness. I have no idea whether it has any value but would be happy to see this find a new home. $20 + ship?
  4. L

    Bicycle grips on yoke

    Has anyone ever put bicycle grips on there yoke as a alternative to the slip on grips If you have please post pictures and tips It would go on our new Ercoupe
  5. L


  6. I

    Tablet yoke mount

    I've just started my cross country training and I'm using an 8" Android tablet with Garmin Pilot. I've just had it resting on my lap for the last few flights, but I think I'd prefer to have it mounted on the yoke. I was thinking of buying this but I wanted to see if anyone here has any...