1. D

    Training has stalled. Advice sought. What would you do in my position?

    Well, my IRA checkride was cancelled by a DPE once, never to hear from him again, he's still doing rides. I found another DPE myself, and the last two dates have been rescheduled for wx. I was ready to take my checkride in March! My next date for my check ride is first week of July! I haven't...
  2. bjde1011

    Tailwheel Training in CT

    I was looking into some options for Tailwheel Training in Connecticut. I am an instrument rated private pilot and am interested in getting into some classic flying to improve my stick and rudder skills. I have contacted a couple flight schools but their planes are down, so I was hoping to find...
  3. F

    Tailwheel CFI needed in NJ

    Hi all - I'm new to forum. I'm currently a student pilot (just solo'd last week) based out of Central NJ. I typically fly with a flight school in a Cherokee, but purchased a Luscombe with a partner and we keep it at an airport in NJ shore. Does anyone know of a tailwheel CFI who would be...
  4. ArrowFlyer86

    PIREPs on TacAero tailwheel training?

    I'd like to do tailwheel training and TacAero offers a 5 day course that would also help me see some cool new scenery. It's a tad on the expensive side so I want to make sure the quality is good before I do it. Has anyone here done it before or heard anything about their reputation?
  5. Jake Simpson

    Cessna 120/140 for sale

    I'm looking for a cessna 120 or 140 for sale to finish time building while I'm at college. Would like relatively low time on the engine and a newer transponder/comm. If anyone on here has one or knows anyone that's looking to sell one let me know! Looking to pay around $30k
  6. P

    Piper J3 Training

    Does anyone know where one could get their tailwheel endorsement in a Piper J3? Ideally a warm location that can be done in fall/winter/spring
  7. P

    Tailwheel endorsement near Austin

    All - I'm looking to get my tailwheel endorsement in the Austin area. Does anyone know of any schools or CFI's with a taildragger to get this accomplished within 30 min drive of Austin? (off-peak traffic times :cool:)
  8. N

    Tailwheel Training - Colorado Springs

    Evening all, Recently moved to the Colorado Springs area for college from Illinois. I am a new PPL holder (75 hours); also got my tailwheel endorsement in a 7BCM back home prior to move this past June. I'm not current in tailwheel and am looking to refresh,sharpen, and grow in my skills in...
  9. D

    Flight schools near NYC with taildraggers?

    Hi everyone, Please forgive me if I sound like an amateur! I'm new to this and am looking for guidance. I live in the New York area and have taken one flight lesson in KGBR Great Barrington. I fell in love with flying in Kenya and my dream is to be able to fly a taildragger/bush plane. The...
  10. M

    Denver area grass strip or taildragger place?

    In the process of moving to Denver... physically here just homeless at the moment :-) Looking to get back into fun flying (vs destination/trips) and looking for an airport that might have some grass and taildraggers.. Does that exist around here? Missing my tailwheel fix... Something cub or...