1. meglin

    For Sale Wheel pants for the Cirrus SR22

    Wheel pants and the fairings of the chassis racks for the Cirrus SR22 aircraft. Highest strength with minimum weight.
  2. L

    For Sale Partnership in Knoxville

    I am having sellers remorse. Sold the G5 SR22 because we are not flying as much. Would really like a partnership plane the must have is FIKI. Willing to consider many options. Husband has over 1000 PIC. Based in Knoxville, TN. Just looking for the right situation. Willing to consider Seneca...
  3. E

    For Sale Various NEW Cirrus SR-22 Parts for Sale

    I’m selling a handful of new SR-22 parts. These were originally purchased for a G2, but a number of parts will be compatible with other models. Feel free to see if these part numbers are compatible. Name - Part NO. Cirrus Nose Strut - 14082-006 Main Wheel Assembly - 40-75P Single Side - Main...
  4. Skepilot

    Cirrus SR22 Flying Club - Atlanta (PDK)

    Anybody interested in fractional ownership of a Cirrus SR22? Would you love to own one, but can't rationalize sole ownership? Rental options either poorly maintained or too expensive? Do you live within or near the perimeter of Atlanta? If you answered yes to those questions, this might be for...
  5. P

    Wanted: Partnership Seeking Denver based aircraft partnership

    Currently looking to buy a Grumman Tiger, Cirrus SR22T, Bellanca Super Viking or Dakota in a 2 or 3 person group. Basing at Metro or KAPA. Advise if interested.
  6. GotPlugz

    For Sale COPA Migration Special #1

    Buy It Here From As Low As - $74.95 Use Coupon Code 15OFFCIRRUS for an additional 15% OFF
  7. xma

    For Sale Cirrus SR20 or SR22 dry-lease wanted

    I’m a high time ATP and CFI, looking to dry-rent or lease a Cirrus (G1000 equipped would be preferred) for a 60 hour block on the East Coast. Need it this week until August 15th. Anyone interested please PM me.
  8. Skepilot

    SR22 vs Twin Comanche

    Hi all, I'm an airline pilot with a GA background, considering an airplane purchase for family trips. Wife is somewhat nervous when flying on "little airplanes," wants either 2 engines or a parachute. (I'm quite familiar with the engine-out characteristics of light twins, having been an...
  9. labbadabba

    Comparison between SR22T and DA42 VI - Check my numbers

    So... slow day at work allows me to daydream about planes I can never own. I've long been a fan of the Diamond aircraft, I love their simplicity and ease of flying. Most of all, I love the safety record of Diamond planes. Which got me to wondering, why is the SR22 the top dog when it comes to...