1. Jdm

    Sold SureStart Pro Engine Preheater

    I’m in the south, and have a hanger now. It’s simply not needed. Very nice and clean condition. Best reasonable offer. USA made with impressive quality. I’ve attached an actual pic. Not a stock photo.
  2. M

    For Sale Club Membership Helena, MT-KHLN

    Selling my share in a club with 5 planes. 1xCessna 150-$36/hr 1xCessna 172-$52/hr 1xCessna 172-180hp $52/hr 1xCessna 182-$79/hr 1xCitabria 7GCBC $50/hr *all prices are WET! $600 down and $80/month dues. Potential to earn $20/month in flight credits...
  3. Pitchafit

    For Sale Aircraft Ready Room Chair

    SOLD. Ready room pilot chair. Authentic aviator’s chair. Excellent condition with flawless brown cover and all mechanisms work perfectly. I am down sizing and have to let some of my 24 yrs of naval service memorabilia go. This is a very good chair. I live in Chesapeake,Virginia...
  4. GMascelli

    Sold Beech Debonair Cover

    Mac's Airplane Cover for Beech Debonair Color - Red Tail number both sides Year of aircraft: 1963 B33 Brand new, still in the box, never opened. $180 shipped My antenna measurements chart for this cover.
  5. H

    For Sale Selling GDL50 and Aera 796

    hi folks, I installed a GTN 650 on our clubs P35 Bonanza and now we have an ADSB in GDL50 and an Aera 796 for sale. Both were purchased in April 2018. The GDL comes with a coupon for 3 months of Garmin Pilot. All in original boxes. GDL50 new is $799. Selling for $600 Aera 796 new $1,499...