1. Davisando

    Cherokee Archer II PA28-181 RPM

    For all my piper fellows. A year ago I bought a 1979 Archer II, did pre buy inspection and everything seemed ok. One time on take off I took a look at the RPM gauge and noticed the it was marking at around 2300RPM, I got a little worried thinking it should read at least 2500RPM full open...
  2. newbiepilot

    Piper Warrior - RPM Question

    Hey guys, Last week, I pre-flighted my piper fine and lined up for take off. I gently added full power. The RPM was set to 2500 and did not move above that. Airspeed was alive and at 60, I rotated. After few minutes at full throttle still, RPM moved to 2550. In the past, all the time I have...