ram mount

  1. djmcfall

    For Sale RAM Suction cup mount for GPS296, 396, 496...

    All quality Ram, no knock off stuff. Sure mount Ram suction cup with 1" ball. 3' Ram extension fits 1' ball. Ram GPS mount with 1" ball, fits the following Garmin Map GPS models, 176,196,276,296,376,378,396,478,495, and 496. $38 + $8.75 shipping. djmcfall (at) yahoodotcom.
  2. Adam Weiss

    For Sale RAM Mount

    I have a like-new RAM mount for a larger tablet (up to 12"), along with a ball, double socket, and suction mount. Links to the products and pictures below. New price: $120 Sell for $65 + $15 shipping. https://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-HOL-UN11U https://www.rammount.com/part/RAP-B-202U...
  3. P

    Replacement Sentry adapter

    Anyone know of an easy way to get a replacement adapter for a RAM suction mount for the Sentry? Foreflight support sent me to uAvionix support who promptly sent me to RAM support who promptly sent me back to Foreflight support. The unit was bought used and the part is simply missing. The...
  4. stevenhmiller

    Ram Mount Tab-Tite Cradle for 10" Tablets

    I bought this cradle for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but found out it will not fit. The Galaxy Note is thicker than the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1. I wound up buying a different cradle and using my iPad Mini instead. Cost me $30 + shipping, asking $25. Make me a reasonable offer.