1. wayneda40

    IFR Bakersfield to French Valley with Levi - PilotsNPaws (Full ATC)

    Busy pattern at French Valley to deliver the 1 year old Ruger for his surgery. Ruger is an awesome Springer Spaniel who was run over by a car and abandoned with a broken pelvis. While our DA40 awaits a new propeller from Germany, I continue to be provided with right-seat opportunities from...
  2. wayneda40

    IFR to the Bay Area - PilotsNPaws (Full ATC)

    A marine layer on departure and clear skies all the way to our destination under-the-SFO-Bravo... once on top, should we cancel IFR? In this case we chose to stay IFR and even fly the approach into San Carlos. A quick clearance release at KSBA and a straight-in approach at KSQL means our...
  3. wayneda40

    PilotsNPaws101 and Saving Frankie (Full ATC)

    Are you looking to fly for a cause? In this video we illustrate how PilotsNPaws.org (PnP) might be a good fit, as it has been for thousands of pilots throughout the USA. Following a brief introduction to how PnP connects pilots to rescue agencies, we then conduct a flight to help save Frankie...
  4. mr_happyland

    First pet rescue flight in my Grumman (video)

    I flew two dogs from Los Angeles to Flagstaff thru Pilots n Paws. It was a rewarding experience..just make sure the dog crate from the rescuer doesn't smell like pee.