pilot accessories

  1. L

    Breathalysing pilots

    I'm a university student conducting research on alcohol consumption and airline pilots (drunk flying) If you are an airline pilot, please take some time to answer these questions. these questions are for research purposes only. Any response will be useful. Thank you. Do pilots still attempt to...
  2. Zeebs

    New Tech - Layover Lounge App

    Hey everyone, I'm a former chief technology officer and have spent the last decade building software technology. I've partnered with a "flight engineer" from the RCAF (he was actually a TCM which is essentially an underpaid flight engineer - his words, not mine! ) with over 2000 hours flying...
  3. Echelon SC

    Suggested gear for green part 141 pilot

    So far I've gotten an iPad Air 2 with a couple good cases (folio keyboard for notes and school work and an OtterBox for when I'm on the go), a David Clark H10-30 Headset (ancient but it's tried and true), a Noral Student Pilot Flight Bag to hold my headset, fuel tester, iPad, flashlight, med...
  4. Trump

    Wear-N-Write Wearable Dry Erase Board Perfect For Your Next Flight

    Attention Private Pilots: Wear-N-Write the dry erase board for your wrist. Great for jotting down tower instruction. Add one to your flight bag. Save 15% now. Use Coupon Code 24GTXO5C http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004DLRV4A