1. jimbo

    AC rental or partnership in Central Iowa

    I'm brand new to PoA. I'm a PP ASEL, IFR, w/Acrobat endorsement. I live in central Iowa and I'm looking to find either a Cessna 177RG, 182 straight or RG, 210 or Bonanza to either rent or partner with. 600+ hrs most of it in Cessna retrac/HP.
  2. easik

    Pilot/Owners In the Atlanta Area

    I run an aviation YouTube channel Mojogrip and I'm looking for pilot/aircraft owners local to Atlanta to feature on the channel. Big plus if you are in a partnership with your aircraft. This is a side of ownership that I've always wanted to discuss on the channel. If you're interested, respond...
  3. A

    Want To Buy Partnership

    Looking for 4-8 persons flying club/partnership in the bay area, California San Jose, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Morgan Hill, California Me: PPL with 175+ hours in Cessna 172/150/182 Thanks!