1. ZeroThreeDelta

    Florida Flying with Noel Philips

    Hi Guys! It's been an age since I last posted in here. I've become a PPL since my last post! I figured I'd come back over and start things off with my latest video. If you're a fan of Noel Philips from the UK, check it out! We fly around Florida checking out some of the hotspots, including the...
  2. Fly in Florida

    Orlando (KORL) to Sebring (KSEF) + Tecnam HQ!

    It's been a couple of months since I last posted - life getting in the way and all that good stuff. Anyway, here's a new little Pilot VLOG filmed on a trip from Orlando to Sebring for lunch and a walk around the Tecnam HQ. I hope you enjoy!
  3. Fly in Florida

    Sun 'n Fun Arrival with ATC

  4. Fly in Florida

    Subscriber Request - Bartow Municiple

    Hi guys! We recently had a subscriber request to film a trip from Orlando to Bartow ... so here it is! We were pleasantly surprised by the FBO there - a real nice place to visit. Enjoy!
  5. Fly in Florida

    CJ Cannons at Vero Beach

    Here's another video! This time we fly to Vero Beach for lunch at CJ Cannons, then head over to Winter Haven for fuel.
  6. Fly in Florida

    Anyone been to Deland for food?

    We were pleasantly surprised. It looked a little upmarket on their site, but it's more of a bar/diner with a kitchen. Very dog friendly and parking right next to the restaurant. I'd recommend it if you like wings and/or burgers.