1. Daleandee

    Spatial Disorientation

    This is an excellent video by Joe Casey (DPE) on Spatial Disorientation. Some of the illustrations and techniques in this video are eye opening. Ways to show the effects of SD and ways to avoid SD begin about halfway through the video (see they guys spinning with the bats - LOL). Enjoy!
  2. Penguinforce

    Do I Need to File a Report?

    On my flight today, I encountered total electric failure and therefore lost the ability to communicate with radios. Luckily I was already in talks with flight following and seconds before losing communications, I told them we would be diverting to a nearby delta airspace airport and we were...
  3. Maui Cirrus CFII

    NTSB stats for 2017- NOT good so far

    According to the NTSB data, we are currently running 1 Fatal accident every 3 days since the beginning of 2017. This is a serious problem. I am starting a bi weekly NTSB accident synopsis emailer. http://bit.ly/2m8V1Nm If you would like to receive updated newsletters on NTSB accident...