new jersey

  1. R

    Need ferry pilot C172 M - AKO to North NJ

    Hi, Looking for ferry pilot for C172 M with a new Penn-Yann to ferry from AKO to northern NJ. Ready for pick up.
  2. Aye Effaar

    NJ Rental for solo flight

    Looking for GA trainer aircraft rental in NJ. Open to 172, 152, Warrior, Archer, etc.... I'm open to leaseback if you have one available. Working on my CFI, so I need to fly right-seat There is a real shortage of rental opportunities here. Plenty of flight schools willing to provide planes...
  3. A

    Wanted: Partnership Cirrus SR22 - Northern NJ

    Looking for 4-6 folks (including myself) to set up a partnership to purchase an SR22 in northern NJ. My mission is occasional short and long distance trips with the wife and kids, but I won't use it near enough to justify sole ownership. Here are my current thoughts: + Location would be central...
  4. T

    NJ Flight Training

    Hi Everyone, I have been dreaming of getting my PPL and I think the time to start pursuing it will open up sometime this year. For some background, I live in Northern NJ and have a good full time job and the money saved up to pursue my license. I would only be pursuing this as a hobby and...
  5. P

    Accelerated Training- Finish up

    Hi, i have a nice amount of prior dual training and solo flying, i passed the written, and now i'm looking for a good school to finish up, living in Rockland county in NY, any of the northern NJ schools could potentially work, i'm looking for a school with a nice program, enough instructors and...
  6. J

    Looking for a independent CFI in New Jersey