1. easik

    Looking To Hire A Full-time A&P

    Hello everyone, My flight school in North Carolina is looking to hire a full-time A&P mechanic. If you are one or know of a reliable mechanic, please let me know. You can comment here or shoot me an email Thanks.
  2. B

    Setting Hobbs after it went down

    What happens when a hobbs meter goes down and thus stops recording. When you fix it, how do you know what to set it to? Would you do the same for calculating PIC time accumulated while hobbs was down?
  3. I threw it on the ground

    YouTube channel

    I’ve started a YouTube channel for some of the things we see in our GA shop. It’s not like a “how to”, mainly we just show things we find that are bad, and talk about how we may fix it. It’s been challenging compiling all the clips, because everyone is airdropping me things. Just curious...
  4. T

    Looking at a C150

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy a Cessna 150. I have found one that I am interested in. I contacted the owner and he is a mechanic himself. He purchased the airplane from a friend. The airplane had not flown for 5-6 years. He ferried it home and did a annual and got all the instrument...
  5. R

    Piston Singles easily serviced outside of the US (Latin America)?

    Good day, PoA. I was wondering what the folks here thought would be some easily serviced piston singles when outside of the US - mainly in Latin America. For context I'd like to purchase something in the next ~year or so and eventually move/fly around Latin America (anything I purchase will...
  6. J

    Buying a Cessna 150

    I’m interested in a 1963 Cessna 150D to be used as a time builder. This is the first aircraft I’ve ever been serious about purchasing. I don’t have a mechanic or have any idea how to find an A&P in my area. I’ve been talking to the seller, and he’s got an annual scheduled for this week. From...
  7. A

    A&P at Falcon Field

    Can anybody recommend an A&P at Falcon Field (FFC) for emergency repairs. I have A&P/IA for routine maintenance. Looking for somebody for day to day issues like filling struts, flat tire etc.
  8. easik

    A&P Mechanics in the Atlanta area

    Looking for an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic in Atlanta GA. One that has great experience working on Piper Cherokees and or Grumman. Can you please refer me to a superb A&P mechanic that is also trustworthy? I'm looking for someone that can help with pre-buy inspections and also for...
  9. easik

    A & P certification. Is it worth it?

    Just curious, does anyone hold an A&P certification? and will you recommend that a builder get one for maintenance purposes? there is the benefit of working with it as well. Please advise. Thanks.
  10. R

    Grumman AA-5B Mechanic

    Can anybody recommend a Grumman savvy mechanic for a pre-buy in Southern California?
  11. P

    Phoenix Freelance Mechanics?

    I'm looking for an a&p in the Phoenix area, although Google sucks at this type of thing. They can be fresh out of school, no IA needed. Anyone have any recommendations? I really just need a supervisory signature, or if the money is right, I'll let them do it. Thanks in advance.