light sport

  1. J

    Any info/advice on where I can train and take the exam for CFI-S?

    I went after my CFI-S (CFI Sport Pilot) rating this past spring but ran into some issues with the school and their planes. I have my two written tests completed (CFI-S and FOI) but need to complete the training, schedule, and take the practical. It's been hard finding schools with Light Sport...
  2. Dave Anderson

    Flight planning along the coast.

    So I’m curious when planning N/S routes on the east or west coast what are your thoughts on turbulence on coastal routes? I’m looking at options for Sun N Fun and taking the wife who isn’t yet comfortable but I thought a coastal view would be nice for part of the trip. We are in a Bristell...
  3. D

    Carlson Sparrow Aircraft is Back

    Hello Everyone, I Recently purchased the Carlson Sparrow Aircraft company to bring it back into production. Please spread the word. I Still own and operate the Team Mini-max LLC Company also. Regards, David Cooper
  4. S

    Wanted: Club Membership LSA club/partnership in GA, USA

    Looking to rent or buy into an aircraft that can be flown with a Light Sport license. Right now my only option is a Cessna Skycatcher (C162) at Lanier Flight Center (KGVL) for $140/hour after club membership. I was looked into buying a Rans S12 myself (10k - 20k), but have had a hard time...
  5. T

    For Sale Denver, CO Partnership

    I am looking to meet like-minded owners to start a 2-3 owner LSA group in Denver. I’ve owned many aircraft before and have always enjoyed the partnerships. I’m open to location in the Denver area. Also open to aircraft but I have time in RV-12, Rans S19, but really would consider any LSA...