1. S

    Getting started at 14?

    Hello! I'm 14 years old, and I've always been interested in aviation. I haven't exactly been able to pursue these interests for a multitude of reasons, though. I've done a little research, and maybe the first step would be to go for an intro flight to get a feel for being at the controls. It...
  2. C

    Dangerous improper CFI Behavior

    Is there a way to report dangerous improper CFI behavior. Mine frequently plays on his cell phone during Dual instruction. I also feel that him taking personal phone calls while I am sitting out buy the plane waiting, as much as twenty minutes or so and charging the time to my lesson is at best...
  3. CessnaTom

    Lesson you had to learn the hard way.

    Let's hear some stories about the lesson you had to learn the hardest way. The worst one. Or a simple one you should of got right the first time.