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    Regional Airline Applicant with Upcoming Driving Violation. Advice needed!

    About a month ago, I got caught going 91 in a 55. 36mph over! I spoke with a couple lawyers and they said that in my county, anything over 30mph is almost a guaranteed 12 month license suspension. Some lawyers said they might be able to plea it down to a reckless driving charge. I have a perfect...
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    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    When an aircraft gets upgraded avionics like a GPS, autopilot, and electronic flight instruments in a mid 1970s aircraft for example; is an aircraft flight manual supplement required and must it be printed and carried along with the aircraft or can it be in digital format? Same with the required...
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    XC Solo Endorsement Limitations of CFI

    I have a really important question involving several pilots and the FSDO: In 61.93, it says an instructor cannot endorse a solo XC unless, he/she has, “(2) Reviewed the current and forecast weather conditions and has determined that the flight can be completed under VFR;” So, how far in...
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    hello to all friends from heaven, I have been reading during the last days several posts on the page and I really like the website a lot. for this reason I wanted to write to you looking for help to clarify some doubts that I have. It is my desire to invest in any aeronautical issue in...
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    Accidental Medical Omission, need advice.

    Hello all. I've held a 3rd class medical for about 2 years and just found out that I have a mental health diagnosis. After a family tragedy when I was younger I saw a psychiatrist for some time. I never knew I had any sort of diagnosis until a few days ago when I learned I was diagnosed with...