1. S

    Intro - Back into Flying

    I just joined. Am a rusty pilot just getting back into flying. Taking tailwheel training right now and its a blast. (in a Champ). I am a former Naval Aviator, (A-7E, USS America). It's good to be back flying, and a big hello to any Sailors out there! (also to any Veterans).
  2. SC96

    Question about fuel credit policies/expectations

    I was recently appointed to our local airport authority board. The airport is going through a lot of changes, most notably going from a private FBO to county-operated. I have been assigned the task of developing a policy surrounding extending credit for fuel purchases. I am a relatively new...
  3. InterXtra

    Want To Buy Savage Aircrafts & Engines

    Looking for turboprop and jet aircrafts and engines on salvage condition to teardown and part out. Also considering inventories for sale. Ready to buy. Regards.
  4. J

    jet dream ... be honest

    Let’s dive straight into it? Why shouldn’t i buy one of these 1980 westwind jet for 240k?? Like come on i could get a type rating and fly that? What would my insurance payments be for private use with a ? And don’t laugh... one every plane post i hear people crying about maintenance? Would it...
  5. A

    Long Term Planning for a Fast Comfortable Cross Country Plane

    Hi folks, This is my first post as a new user, but I've been lurking for a while now. I'd like to present a scenario that hopefully those on this forum with far more experience will chime in on with recommendations. I've been thinking about this stuff *forever*, so please forgive the long...
  6. Justin M

    Wired headline about Cirrus Jet

    Google has an headline about wired's photo article about the manufacture of the Cirrus jet.