hangar door

  1. S

    PIREP on Para-Port hangar doors?

    I ran across these when researching a replacement door, and am wondering if anyone has any experience with them? https://www.para-port.com/
  2. Penguinforce

    Port a Port Hangar Damage

    We have damage to the front of our port a port. We don't know who we could contact for repairs in the Denver metro area. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly welcomed.
  3. M

    Tall tail - low hangar door

    Hey all. I have a 180K Skywagon on amphibs. My tail height is 13’8”. My door is 12’. Understand that this is the hangar as it will always be. My solution MUST include raising the nose to lower the tail as the plane goes in and out of the hangar. I am a do-it-yourselfer and am looking for...