1. Wallis

    GMX200 not displaying FIS-B weather from GTX345

    We have the GTX345 transponder connected to a GNS-430W and the GMX200 MFD t in our Bonanza. ADS-B/FIS-B weather and traffic was displaying perfectly on the GMX200, then, the plane was down and battery disconnected for about 5 months for an engine overhaul. Ever since getting everything put back...
  2. A

    GTX345 AHRS and FltPlanGO

    Has anyone used the AHRS on the GTX345 with FltPlanGO? I have been trying to get it to connect with FLTplanGO with no luck. I get traffic fine and all other info but the AH is Xed out.
  3. Adam Weiss

    GTX 45R Squawk input via GTN

    My Narco transponder Is on its way to greener pastures. I’m planning a panel upgrade to G3X Touch (experimental), but I’m not ready to do it all yet. Ideally, I want to replace the transponder now, and reuse it when I do the full panel. The GTX 45R is what I was planning for the...
  4. M

    IFR Solution for Experimentals......

    All, I asked the following of Garmin: "Can I pair the TSO's GTX345 (with WAAS GPS) to my G3X and be good for IFR flights? If the GTX345's TSO's WAAS GPS positioning is being fed to the G3X, then I would think I would be good for IFR navigation." I got this response: "I understand your line...