1. R

    Garmin GTN650 + Bendix King Aerocruze problems

    Looking for a little guidance. My Cessna 182Q was just upgraded with a GTN650 and BK Aerocruze (Trutrak) autopilot. Plane has an original 6 pack with the exception of a GI-106A CDI. Before the install the avionics shop told me that this setup would be capable of performing GPSS approaches...
  2. Alex G.

    ST-901 GPSS converter, help needed

    I've recently purchased a ST-901 converter and I need some help with the connection. I want to install it between my Sandel SN 3308 HSI and the Stec 60-2 autopilot to check if it works. The unit was previously used in a different installation, but the seller reconfigured it for my setup and...