garmin g5

  1. ArrowFlyer86

    Replacing Turn Coordinator... or not?

    On the last three flights before annual my turn coordinator began sticking in a turn long after I'd leveled out (see pic below). Now I need to replace it or come up with some solution b/c when the plane exits annual I'll be finishing up the IR training. Currently I have a single Garmin G5 AI...
  2. Patrick

    G5 & CGR-30 anyone?

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone who has a Garmin G5 and EI CGR-30 engine monitor (different combinations will also work) and is interested in getting a single "picture" from sync'd logfiles, see attachment for example. Thanks, Pat
  3. AirplanepilotJJ

    Garmin G5 with Garmin GMC 507

    Hello aviators, I'm planning on buying an aircraft a bit later this year, most aircraft in my price range has the original autopilot and/or an inop one. I've narrowed down to Garmin's GMC 507, how many GSA 28 servos do I need? If I got two G5s, can I remove the vacuum system, or do I need it as...
  4. M

    The New rc allen MINI6

    I've been saving up to add two G5s to my Piper Cherokee instrument panel and remove the entire vacuum system. I was going to make the upgrade the next time a component in the vacuum system needed attention. But, RC Allen has just come out with the MINI6 which has definitely caught my attention...
  5. D

    G5 AI Only Installation Time Question

    Hello all. I just got a quote from an avionics shop for a G5 AI installation where the quoted install time was 10-12 hours. After browsing several forums I've seen many people say the installation for a G5 AI connected to a GNS430W and second G5 was 4-6 hours on average. Did I just get a high...
  6. Davisando


    Hello Everyone! I recently upgraded the avionics on a 1979 PA28-181 with dual G5s / GMA 342 / GNX 375 / GNS 255. Everything was fine until a day after a month and a half of the upgrade, when I started to get a fail in the heading data in the PFD G5, followed by a message "Not receiving ARINC...
  7. Rusty Coonfield

    Inexpensive but Capable. What have you done?

    Hey All, I’m hoping to not reinvent the wheel here and learn from the extensive research that you all have done. I am looking at purchasing a plane and unfortunately nothing in my price range has what i feel is a minimum panel for extensive IFR flying. Goals are to be able to do WAAS approaches...
  8. B

    AP and Panel Options

    I recently had my 200A autopilot fail on me in IMC and after asking the shop to take a look at it, it's clear everyone wants to just replace the sucker (ah hey me too, I guess). Received a very nice quote for Garmin Gear, the new 500 AP, and 2 X G5's well nice BIG price tag with it too. A...
  9. murphey

    G5 numbers question

    For those of us with older cherokees, and possibly others, the airspeed indicator is mph on the outside of the ring, kts on the inner ring, and a knob to adjust the mph for temperature. The G5 can be set to use either mph or kts. I've set it for mph and loaded all the V speeds for mph and it...