1. Daleandee

    Canceled! EAA 1465 Chili Cook-Off Fly-In

    EAA 1465 Chili Cook-Off Fly-In & Car Show 12/2/23 10am-2pm @ Holly Hill Airport (5J5) Join us on our 3900' turf field as we partake of chili offerings from those that dare to compare thier fare. No fuel on the field but available nearby. Info: Ken 843-709-7674
  2. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Thomasville Fly-In - Part 2

    In this video, we look at a Mooney M20C that has been converted to a E model. And some interesting stories about the restoration. At the end of the Fly-In, it was time to fly back home.
  3. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Going Aiplane Camping - Thomasville, GA

    A few weeks ago Thomasville,GA hosted their 55th annual Fly-In. It’s a fantastic small scale fly-in. Just dropped a video on YT of going there for the first time. Let the adventure begin!
  4. Brad Z

    Penn's Cave (N74) PIREP

    I read through this thread, but figured electrons are cheap and decided to start my own thread. We did a day trip from my home base, Potomac Airfield (VKX), to Penn's Cave Airport, N74. Here's my PIREP. TL;DR- great day trip! The flight up was an easy 1:10. With ceilings a bit too low to...
  5. T

    2020 AOPA Fly-Ins - San Marcos, TX

    I'm still a student pilot, but expecting to earn my license early next year. This event is an hour and a half flight from my airport, so i'm definitely interested in participating. For those who have done these events before, can you share what are the typical logistics for these events? i.e...
  6. RDUPilot

    Southeast PoA [Pre Xmas Burgers] - GMU [2019]

    ** IF WEATHER COOPERATES ** Location: Greenville Downtown Airport [KGMU] Place: Runway Café Date: December 14th, 2019 Time: Noon until.... --------------------------------------------- Information:
  7. Jake B

    WMU College of Aviation Fly-In

    Hey all! I'm organizing this year's fly in at Western Michigan University's College of Aviation and am trying to spread the word. Pancake breakfast will be available for $5 and we will also have a burger and hotdog lunch, all proceeds benefit the student organizations at WMU. Time will also be...
  8. Jakey

    Website with Places to Fly

    Check it out:
  9. RyanShort1

    Bluebonnet Picnic - May 4, 2019 - 53T

    So a group I used to work with a bunch when I was down in the San Antonio area has a grass strip called Cannon Field and they're planning on having their annual fly-in and picnic on May 4th. Some more details and links here...
  10. Sinistar

    Wisconsin Lunch Meet Up: May 11 @ KMFI (Marshfield, WI)

    @WannFly and @Sinistar have been wanting to fly into Wisconsin and meet any fellow POA'ers. We find your ways strange, yet interesting :) @flyingcheesehead, @Radar Contact, @Mtns2Skies and any other interested Packer Fans? Now @WannFly is making things complicated (which he always does :)) as...
  11. ILM_Patrick

    Ground to 15,000 Feet - my journey starts here

    (Disclaimer - I'm a NEWB, any advice is welcome) My Journey starts here, with all of you. I am currently grounded, but soon, I will spread my wings, and soar into the world of aviation. I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED!!! I am located in southeastern North Carolina, and in the fall [or sooner], I...
  12. A

    75th Anniversary - Mineral Wells Airport (KMWL)

    KMWL is celebrating its 75th Anniversary on May 19, 2018. Mineral Wells trained most Vietnam and Korean war helo pilots. Ft. Wolters had in excess of a 1,0000 training helicopters on its base. Many activities taking place. They are seeking as many aircraft as possible to fly in. See you there.
  13. RDUPilot

    Southeast PoA [Pre Xmas Burgers] - GMU

    Ok Southeast PoA, here what we got.... Location: Greenville Downtown Airport [KGMU] Place: Runway Café Date: December 16th Time: Noon until.... Your mission if you choose to accept it... Come fly-in for some lunch and get to meet some fellow PoA folks. Talk aviation or not... *** IF WEATHER...
  14. Jakey

    Video: AOPA Norman Oklahoma Fly-in - Turboprop Heavies STOL in the Grass!

    Incredible takeoffs and landings in the Grass! These guys are good! Video shot in Norman, Oklahoma at the AOPA's Fly-in.
  15. Keck Aviation

    Wings & Wheels Festival, Car and Aircraft Show

    Hello Everyone! I recently had asked what kind of Fly-in that YOU would like to attend. After I tallied up all the votes and made a few calls. We have a good one for you! Keck Aviation is hosting a Wings & Wheels festival with BBQ, live music, aircraft games, kids activities, facility tours...
  16. Keck Aviation

    Pancake Breakfast! Wayne County Airport

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know about the Pancake Breakfast at the beautiful Wayne County Airport. It is on July 15th, 2017 from 7:00am-2:00pm. 6020 N. Honeytown Rd. Smithville, OH 44677 Come see Keck Aviation, and more! Drive, Fly, or Walk. All are welcome! Come show off...
  17. Archammer

    12th Annual Smithville Fly-In

    For those of you that still live under a rock and don't have a Facebook account, I thought I would post this here for you neanderthals as well. :) It should be a great day and I hope most of you take the opportunity to fly some Young Eagles! There's all kinds of contests and awards, and a candy...
  18. CT4ME

    Oct 2016 - 9th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in - Page AZ

    It's time to mark the calendar and arrange for some time off! is proud to host the 9th Annual CT/LSA fly-in in Page Arizona. OCT 13-16 Come and join a great group of people for a fly-in in one of the most scenic areas of the World. See Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Lake...