fltplan go

  1. Lycosaurus

    Looking for H/W recommendation for Fltplan Go

    I've been with Fltplan Go for about 7 years or so, and it works really well on the iPad (mini 2). The mini has been slowing down over the years and OS is has been limited to iOS 12 for some time. I will need to upgrade the hardware likely within a year or so. I might make the jump to Android...
  2. ellie

    FltPlan Go off airport destinations

    There are times when I would like to use a point on the map as a destination however I have not been able to convince FltPlan Go that the "waypoint" I have specified is, in fact, a destination. Does anyone know how to do this?
  3. jaymark6655

    XGPS170D and Android

    I just purchased the XGPS170D, cannot seem to get it to work. I was planning on using it with a Kindle Fire HD 10 running Flt Plan Go, but when I connect through blue tooth, GPS stays connected for about 1 to 10 seconds. Figured I would give my Samsung Galaxy S7 a try to work out what is going...
  4. MuseChaser

    FltPlan Go .. ing.. Going... iFLY!!

    Just a quick-ish PIREP ... Been flying with FltPlan GO on Android and a Stratux for a year or so. Loved the price, and always worked well. Only complaint was the ongoing, longterm yet never fulfilled promise to incorporate AHRS on Android (only available on the iDevice version). Got sick of...
  5. MuseChaser

    Fltplan Go TRSA question?

    I'm using Fltplan Go's Android version (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2), and in general it works great, pairs with the Stratux I built, and is worth every penny... ;) . After flying with it a while, it's pretty intuitive for most things. However, I can't find an easy way to look up TRSA frequencies...