1. Daleandee

    How High Do You Get?

    As a Light Sport Certificate holder I'm limited to how high I can fly. I know pilots that are actually a bit uncomfortable at higher altitudes. There are a few pilots on the board that fly planes that cruise pretty high. Just curious as to how high most pilots fly. For me a local area flight...
  2. Jakey

    Motivator for those how are thinking about getting into Flying

    Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” It's true...
  3. Jakey

    Flying with 2 GoPro MAX 360 Cameras

    First attempt at videoing our flight with 2 GoPro Max 360 Cameras.
  4. Retro Manger

    Exploring Flight School Options SMO, TOA, VNY

    Hello everybody, this is my first official thread/post after my introductory one and I consider it my first 'real' thread. Once again - thank you for having me here! I am looking at some options for doing a flight review at one of the following airports: SMO, VNY or TOA. TOA is a bit far from...
  5. D

    Corrosion on crevice of bearing

    Hello, was looking for info on corrosion found on a bearing. Is there a high chance of corrosion inside the crevice? And would it effect the parts ability to not fail or cause the bearing to pop out? The bearings are pressed in and are a flight critical parts. Thanks for any help on the topic
  6. L

    Ercoupe flight characteristics

    How does the ercoupe fly compared to a piper Cherokee 140? The 140 feels kind of loose and was wondering if the ercoupe flew better. Thank you
  7. alexgeo

    For Sale Brightline B4 Swift - Like New

    SOLD Purchased this bag a few months back thinking that I would be doing a lot more IFR flying and would need space to bring all of my toys. Fast forward to now and I’ve decided to embark on my CFI journey instead. I love the bag, but I simply do not need this much real estate for my current...
  8. E

    flight ticket

    Buy ticket in america
  9. O

    Body numbness in first flight?

    Hey guys, recently took the leap to do my first flight with an instructor in a single piston engine Piper. I was honestly doing fine and tried to take control of the aircraft as much as possible from take off to cruising so as to not just be a spectator. But then when we turned around and...
  10. RJM62

    I Suspect Alcohol...

    http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-39788207/passenger-explains-aeroplane-brawl Rich
  11. S

    Funding flight school?

    I'm a young college student who really wants to get a pilots license. A local flight school quoted me 9k. Does anyone have advice for funding it besides loans? Scholarships or anything? I started a gofundme campaign to try to raise money for it. If anyone wants to share the link for it ill pm...
  12. B

    proof for how planes fly??

    Does anyone know why planes fly? I counted 11 Theories of Flight and there doesn't seem to be any proof for any of these theories. Like a real experiment on a real aircraft using the scientific method? All I get is equations (Navier-Stokes) when i ask an engineer or professor; which isn't...
  13. RJM62

    Burlesque dancer kicked off flight for 'inappropriate' outfit

    http://www.timesunion.com/news/nation-world/article/Burlesque-dancer-kicked-off-flight-for-7954115.php#photo-10165177 Rich