flight following

  1. S

    NYC Area, which frequency to use for Flight Following?

    Brand new PPL here, based out of KFRG and realizing a question that I'd forgotten to ask my CFI, and a question that I'm a little embarrassed to ask because I feel I should know the answer- During my long XC, I planned a route of KFRG -> KPOU -> KHFD. After taking off from FRG, I tuned into...
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    Procedure for Class D airport with TRSA (KAZO)

    I just finished a flight from KAZO to KDPA an hour ago and flight went great (aside from frigid 0 F temps). There was one hiccup and that was my communication with KAZO on the ground. Was hoping someone could help me understand the procedure and what to expect? Let me walk through radio comms...
  3. Penguinforce

    Bravo Breaching

    I overheard a guy at my local flight school talking about how on a recent flight he accidentally breached bravo for about a minute and by only about 200 feet. He was also just on the common 121.5 frequency. He quickly descended out of it and then about 20 minutes later picked up flight...
  4. PaulR035

    Flight following frequency?

    Is there a convenient way to use Foreflight to identify the correct ARTCC frequency for picking up VFR flight following when away from a metropolitan area with approach control? I did all my flight training at a class D airport within a class C area, so I always picked up FF from the approach...
  5. A

    regional approach VS regional departure VS Center?

    I am a student PPL, I know/understand the concept of centers and the service they provide, but I often find it confusing to differentiate centers from regional, so what is the key difference among regional approach VS regional departure VS Center? do they have the same frequency? Thanks
  6. GreatLakesFlying

    VFR Flight Following?

    Quick question on phraseology. I fly out of 06C west of O'Hare Intl, and often I take advantage of the excellent radar coverage, to request flight following. My call to Chicago Approach is straightforward: Chicago Approach, Piper 4-3-3-5-K, over Bartlet, requesting flight following. ATC comes...
  7. P

    Flight Following without a destination airport

    Normally when I ask for flight following (flying VFR) I have a clear destination airport in mind: "Magu Approach, Cessna XXX 5 miles northeast Camarillo @ 3,500 for 5,500 to El Monte" But, how should I ask for flight following if I do NOT have a destination in mind. For example, a sightseeing...
  8. R

    VFR Flight Plan or Flight Following?

    Sorry in advance for how long this post is but.... this post is spurred by two events that happened to two separate friends within the last few weeks--both of which are student pilots. One event the pilot had flight following and the next event they had a flight plan open. I think these two...
  9. A

    What is the best Flight Following practice for flying long cross county flights?

    What I have been doing. I call for Flight Following in the air to my finial cross country destination airport, I get a beacon code then after 2 to 3 hours, I cancel it (near a suitable airport for fuel) I fill her up, take off and I call again for flight following to my final destination...
  10. David Groat

    Request flight following or no?

    I live in the Detroit area, and when I take friends and family on airplane rides I fly this standard route around Detroit Metro's class B airspace. I'm never in controlled airspace at any point and there usually isn't much traffic. It's been my habit to ask for flight following from Detroit's...