1. T

    What would you do? Part 61 or 141

    Instrument Training: A. Would you fly Part 141-35 dual (21/14) hours for $10,000 at a towered airport? B. would you fly Part 61- 25 dual hours and 20 hours xc safety pilot $10,000 at a non-towered airport? I’m torn between experience at a towered airport or the higher amount of hours for...
  2. D

    Buying a plane for building hours

    So I'm currently working on my PPL. My friend/instructor wants me to buy an airplane for building hours. And quite frankly so do I. It seems like it could save me a bit of money if I am building hours in it. He drives a beater car and owns two airplanes. I also drive a beater car and have no...
  3. rhkennerly

    I need some insight from the experienced re: Financing....

    I'm a PPL thinking about buying an LSA (I'm still debating EAB kit or SLSA). I need some guidance on two subjects: Financing and Insurance. I'll start a thread for each. Financing: with rates so low, it seems foolish to cash out equities and tie up capital. How does aircraft financing...
  4. F

    Airplane purchase process

    I do not fully understand the process for purchasing an airplane. I have created this list based on what I've been reading online. I don't understand how to accomplish step 5, do I need attorney ? And how is step 8 is accomplished ? 1. Airplane Appraisal a. AOPA VREF 2. Contact seller...
  5. R

    Asset-Based Lenders

    Let me start by saying, I'm not soliciting financial advice ;) Has anyone used/does anyone have recommendations of a lender that does asset-based financing vs credit-based? TIA
  6. B

    Aircraft financing

    Folks, I have been researching the best way to finance a nice aircraft. Here is what I have found: Cash is king if you can part with 100-200K plus another 50K for avgas, insurance, hangar and mx Home equity loan is least expensive rates Aircraft lenders want 15-20% down and loan 4-5% rates...