1. Leigh@loosecannon.com.au

    Barnfind -> dream come true!

    Hope no one minds me posting over here also. I did post this in the Aerobatic section but I've had a couple of guys send me nice notes saying it's so much more than aerobatics. It's an epic barnfind combined with a dream come true and that I should share it elsewhere. Anyway, here's my story!
  2. Leigh@loosecannon.com.au

    EXTRA 300 comes back to life!

    So I don't mind admitting I'm a aerobatic wanna be nerd but when a cool opportunity presented itself for some 'Extra' action - I couldn't say no. I hope you like what I've been up to.
  3. Leigh@loosecannon.com.au

    'Well known' Extra 300 back to life!

    Hi there, Thought I'd share a little project I've been working on for the last year. I was a flightsim kid in the 90's and loved flying Patty Wagstaff's Extra 300 in the Microsoft Flight Sims. Well when this nerdy aerobatic fanatic happened to stumble across a particular Extra sitting in a...
  4. Ray Jr

    Extra 330 Normal Category

    Hi All, I'm wondering about loading passengers in an extra and doing aerobatics. The following are weights for an Extra 330 LT. A full acro tank weighs about 100 lbs. typ. equipped empty weight 1.493 lbs / 677 kg MTOW normal category (+6/-3g) 2.095 lbs / 950 kg MTOW two-pilot...